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    The roof accessories include a wide range of elements required in order to ensure the sealing, functionality and correct assembly of roofing systems,
    which provide a correct roof ventilation, constant moisture removal, protect against the negative impact of weather conditions, and prevent the entering of birds,
    insects, contamination inside the roof space, allowing, in the same time, the correct setting of small-format elements.

  • Roof windows

    W związku z powszechnym wykorzystywaniem poddaszy na pomieszczenia użytkowe, okna dachowe stanowią podstawowy element architektoniczny w nowoczesnym budownictwie…


    The guttering systems are the indispensable elements of roofing system, ensuring the correct draining of a roof. They are available in various shapes, dimensions and colours, which allows their choice according to architectural requirements (roof form and slope, dimensions of drained surface), and individual aesthetic preferences (colour of facade, roof covering).

  • Underlays

    The Underlays are applied (obligatorily in the buildings with attics) as initial covering layer, ensuring the heat, acoustic insulation, and, primarily, the protection against moisture. They play the significant role in ensuring the water resistance of roof sealing, and correct roof ventilation – they provide a perfect protection against the precipitation water entering into the roof places with sealing failures, drain the moisture entering the roof wall from outside of the building, and regulate the processes associated with water vapour condensation and condensate accumulation on the internal side of the roof covering.