We became 2016 Consumer Quality Leader in “Metal Tiles Category”

2016jpgCONSUMER QUALITY LEADER 2016 is a nationwide promotional consumer program held by the Economy Area Editorial Team, the national independent addition distributed with Dziennik Gazeta Prawna newspaper. The program objective is to select the best brands and companies in the opinion of consumers, available and operating at Polish market.

Both the participants and Laureates of the Program, are promoted in course of its holding in the issues of Economy Area and in the website:

In the age of a wide product offer, featured with a high number of variables, from product quality to its price, the Polish consumer selects the solutions which he considers to be the best ones. Many Polishes analyse the price level, recognisability of the brand, range of offered assortment, availability of a product or service, however the overwhelming majority buys the product being the best one in their opinion, being the leader in a given category. This opinion of Polish buyers became an object of nationwide studies performed within 2016 CONSUMER QUALITY LEADER PROGRAM.

The innovation in Polonica products offer – THE STANDING SEAM PANEL

The seam roof panel is presently one of the most common solutions applied for roof covering. Meeting the market demands and expectations of our customers, we have included it in our products offer.
The seam panel represents the extremely elegant and modern roof covering. It ideally matches the modern architecture. It constitutes a perfect solution for houses, apartment buildings and service sector buildings.
As one of possible architectural solutions, we recommend to match the seam with our another top product, facade panels.


kasetony i rabek


The Home Zone – Quality and Reliability project is a nationwide initiative, supporting and defining the best companies performing the construction, restructuring and finishing, arrangement works. The project objective is to grant the Reliability and Quality Mark to companies warranting a highest quality of offered products and services.

In the last project edition, the RELIABILITY AND QUALITY MARK was granted, among others, to Polonica ASTRA modular metal tile.
The initiative is held with the support of prominent Media professionals and well-known designers and architects. The jury deciding about the Quality Mark granting includes, inter alia, Anna Popek, Maja Popielarska, and Natalia Nguyen, well-known after the Battle for House TV program.

The main objective of the project is to define the correct tendencies in the development of a given sector, through the promotion of companies applying the innovative solutions, remarkable among other competing entities, and basing their work over the principles of business ethics.