Our offer includes also the services of steel cutting and bending.

In our production, we apply the advanced GLADIATOR flanging machine which allows bending of steel sheets up to 4,100 mm long, and up to 10 mm thick!

Several types of bending dies and matrices ensure the modelling of any forms for any applications.

CNC controller includes the graphical program allowing making the drawings of elements to produce. It ensures the quick, automatic calculation of bending sequence, with indication of possible collisions, and with the required precision and repeatability.

Aiming to ensure the comprehensive service, we also offer the steel cutting service, with application of GUILLOTINE SHEARS. The parameters of this machine allow us cutting the steel sheets up to 4,000 mm long.

Our technical capacities give us the advantage in comparison with other companies, as we are the only company in the region able to bend and cut the 4 m long steel sheets.


Przykładowe kształty:

Obróbka montażowa pozioma

Obróbka Montażowa Pozioma

Obróbka przyścienna

Obróba Przyścienna

Kalenica prosta

Kalenica Prosta

Kalenica stożkowa

Kalenica Stożkowa

Pas nadrynnowy

Pas Nadrynnowy



Pas podrynnowy

Pas Podrynnowy Krótki Długi

Bariera śniegowa

Bariera Śniegowa


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Rynna koszowa

Rynna Koszowa Płytka Głęboka