POLONICA D. COM Sp. z o. o. S. K. A invites to join our Roofer Card Loyalty Program.

The Loyalty Program is addressed to roofers and roofing teams.

It is aimed at the arrangement of long-term cooperation, which will be advantageous both for the Participants and Organizer.

Participation Rules:

The first step is to fill the application form and to send it to Organizer, at the address:

After the correct filling of a form, the Roofer Card is created.
The Card is issued in three copies.
The points are accrued for the purchase of products offered by Polonica


Points accrual procedure

  1. Each 100 PLN VAT excluded spent = 2 points.
  2. The Roofer may pass the Card to his customer. The points for goods purchased by the customer are summed up at the Roofer account.
  3. The Roofer Card owner receives the points at purchase of goods, after having presented the Card.
  4. The Awards obtainment will depend on the amount of purchases made in Polonica Sp. z o.o. S.K.A. sale points.
  5. The points are counted according to the purchase invoices, as: 100 PLN VAT excluded = 2 points.
  6. The Card owner may obtain information on the balance of his account under the phone number 667-669-939.
  7. The Card owner becomes entitled for award if he gets a number of points corresponded to the award selected.
  8. The points for the awards received will be deducted from the Roofer Card owner balance.
  9. The awards may not be exchanged to money equivalent.
  10. The awards will be given to the Roofer personally, by Polonica Sp. z o.o. S.K.A. representative, in place and in time agreed by both parties.

By joining the Program, the Participant declares he had read and accepted the Polonica Sp. z o.o. S.K.A. Roofer Card Loyalty Program Rules“.

The complete rules may be consulted in the Organizer office, at the address: 266  Ściegiennego street, 25-115 Kielce, or at web-address